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Paris Hawk Productions, LLC

A Little About the Owner

Who Brings the Magic to Paris Hawk Productions, LLC?


So you may be wondering, "who is the person behind the magic that happens at Paris Hawk Productions, LLC?" Well, let me uncover the mystery for you.... Paris Rollins is a 24 year old wife, mom of 6 and dedicated entrepreneur. She lights up at the opportunity to serve others in every way possible!! Not only is Paris a business owner but she is also an actress, author, musician and has won awards just to name a few. Paris lives by the motto's: "Other's first before herself" and "With God, ALL things are possible!!" Photographer, Custom Products, Event Coordinator, Graphic Designer... Paris Hawk Productions, LLC offers you quality work every time!! Please contact her at for more information on her services. She promises she will ALWAYS get the job done effectively and professionally.


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